Wind Driven - A biography of Barbara Kendall

November 5th, 2008 Uncategorized

Two months have flown since the New Zealand Olympic Team returned. It seems like an age ago. I have no idea how I fitted in all that training and managed to do everything else as well. When I look back it is amazing how much you can do when you have your eyes firmly set on achievement. I also didn’t realize how much the last 7 months took out of me. By the time I got to the games I was at the end of my pot of energy and the bronchial infection I got right before the competition took the last drop then I used up my reserve to fight for a 6th place.

It was an incredible journey and I am so glad I went through this experience.

Shayne and Janice did an amazing job of helping me hold together and sail at my best to get to the end under the circumstances we faced. Mum also did an incredible job with the girls for the month back in NZ - they were happy and relaxed and never gave us “pay back” for the time we had spent separated.

It was a HUGE effort from all involved and a big thank you to all those that have helped me get to where I am today - it has been an awesome journey.

I could write pages about the games but instead you will have to go and buy the book!!!!!!!
Wendy - my sister has written my biography this year:

“wind driven”
The Barbara Kendall Story,

I am so proud of her effort she rose to the challenge and has recorded my life into 288 pages of entertainment. Earlier on in the year I spent 2 months speaking into a recorder whenever I had a spare chance, in car, airports, before bed and would email her the sound bites she then compiled them into the story.
After the games we had a “boot Camp” to get the book edited, photos done and covers made up - Random House, the publisher, has been so encouraging and professional to work with. Making the whole process for us novices a great experience.

The book hits the shops this month - so far the feed back has been great and I will appreciate any feedback from those who take the challenge!!

Wendy and I are now on the campaign trail to promote the book:

* Radio NZ on the 6th Nov 11.15am
* Womans Day magazine in the next couple of weeks
* Cambell Live coming up soon.
* Book Launch  - Takapuna Yacht Club 12th Nov 6pm

And the list continues.

I Have been so busy and have done over 20 talks in schools and corporate over the last two months and there are more to come.

In December I head off to Melbourne then to Switzerland for IOC Athlete Commission meetings - so life is still full steam ahead.

Next year there are more exciting challenges on the horizon and they will be revealed all in good time.

Wishing you all a great few weeks in the lead up to Christmas and thanks again for all your support.


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