2008 RS:X World Championship: Day 4 - Girls

Two more bullets for Laura Linares (ITA11) who now moves to the top of the leaderboard. Laura is back to her invincible self!

She started slowly. Gave others reason to hope that they had a chance. And now is clearly out to crush all resistance. Victoria Chan (HKG 5) put in a 2nd in the 7th race but faltered in the 8th by scoring 4 points. The battle between these two is intense. Both have won four times. Laura has three 2nds. Victoria 2.

This confrontation is going all the way to the wire with two more races on Saturday and one to finish on Sunday. No medal race is planned for the girls as the standard RS:X Class Sailing Instructions do not permit it.

All Maja Dziarnowska (POL7) has to do now is cover Sonia Lo (HKG8) and the third step on the podium is hers. Maja’s 10th in Race 8 was an uncharacteristic slip from her steady stream of 3rds but it will have shown Sonia that if she keep spushing there is every chance that Maja will crack and let her through to third place.

These last two days are going to be ‘hot’ at the front of this small but quality fleet

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