2008 RS:X Youth World Championship: Day 6 - Boys Medal Race

And then there were just ten!  The Boy’s medal race was last to be called to starting area. The wind had filled in to 14 knots. The two judges boats were going to have a hard time keeping up. There were no incidents in the pre-start and they were off. Full planing upwind and flying. Two laps of a windward-leeward course with a slalom end.

These conditions were made for Chang Hao (TPE8) and Michalis Malekkides (CYP9).  But it was Leung Ho Tsun (HKG2) who was in the hot seat. He needed to beat Piotr Myszkowski (POL4) to win the championship.

Thiseas Kambas (GRE3) knew that these conditions gave him his best chance of climbing back onto the podium. He has been suffering from an attack of food posioning for the last three days. Consequently he had dropped back into 5th overall.  Now he must strike back and at least claim third overall.

David Lavela (ITA69) could also take advantage of Liran Moshe Machlev’s (ISR111) speed deficit in planing conditions to take 4th place. The points difference between the overnight top 5 meant that anyone of them could still win the youth world title. Points would be doubled. The pressure was on.

Michalis Malekkides (CYP9) was flying. Chang Hao (TPE8) was hot on his tale. Leung Ho Tsun (HKG2) was in the mix as were Jacek Piasecki (POL013) and Thiseas Kambas (GRE3). Those doing their mental arithmatic were happy to let Michalis go. He would not have a place on the podium even if he won.

Thiseas moved up to third just behind Leung and began to threaten. Then the breaks were applied. A plastic  bag hit the fin. Impossible to see in the water. back to fourth for Thiseas. Jacek slipped into third. Then a charge from Chang and he was past them both. Leung resisted the challenge to take second. Michalis won.

A great race in ideal conditions.

Leung Ho Tseun (HKG2) is 2008 RS:X Youth World Champion. Piotr Myszkowski (POL4) is vice champion and Thiseas Kambas (GRE3) is third. David Lavela 4th and Liran Moshe Machlav (ISR111) 5th.

These five have been in the mix all the week and they all deserve great credit for the clean fight they have fought.

See you all in Greece between April 25 and May 4th for the 2009 RS:X Open Youth European Championship (anyone can win) and/or in Turkey from July 25th to August 1st for the 2009 RS:X Youth World Championship in Greece.

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