RS:X Reach-4-The-Top Training Programmes Launched

The RS:X Reach-4-The-Top Training Programmes are a non-profit initiative of the RS:X Class. Costs for each programme are passed directly to the participants concerned. The only profit that is made is in the increased knowledge and experience gained by those taking part.We do not support these programmes financially except to say, that RS:X Class administartion time in organising everything is not charged out.

The key is that sailors wishing to participate in a Training Camp/Regatta Support Programme are sharing the cost of a personal coach with 5 other people in an international squad system. Their costs are therefore vastly reduced in comparison to actually hiring a personal coach for the same period.

A participant in the personal coach programme will also benefit in a similar way by sharing the annual costs with others.

Our aim is to allow MNAs and individuals who may not have large budgets in these times of financial stress to continue to buy-in the expertise they need but share the costs with other nations or participants. This should enable them to put in place the desired development and training plans whilst doing so in the most cost effective way.

Further details at: scroll down the page!

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