RS:X Annual General Meeting – Draft Agenda Posted

The draft agenda for the 2010 RS:X Annual General Meeting can be downloaded here It should be noted that there will be an election to select the two Vice Presidents to hold office between 2010 and 2012. Under the RS:X Class constitution, the existing VPs may stand for a further three terms of two years each. Both of Zhou Changcheng [CHN] and Piotr Hlavaty [POL] have indicated that they are standing for re-election. Those wishing to stand for election shall be a member of a RS:X national class association in good standing and be proposed by that full member. Nominations shall be sent to the RS:X Executive Office by email to the address indicated on the RS:X AGM draft agenda before July 23rd 2010. Nominations shall be supported by at least three full members. Those RS:X national class associations wishing to make a submission for consideration by the RS:X Annual General Meeting shall do so by June 29th 2010 to the RS:X Executive Office using the email address indicated at the top of the draft AGM.

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