RS:X Annual General Meeting – The Draft Minutes

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2013 RS:X Class Annual General Meeting

1800hrs, Buzios, Brazil

The minutes of the meeting are reported in the order of the agenda but may have been discussed in a different order at the discretion of the President.


Mike Dempsey President


Nicolas Huguet- his proxy Rene Appel V-President


Manu Messiaen Manufacturer’s Representative


Ilker Bayindir Chairman Technical Committee


Anna Graczyk-Stankiewicz Executive Secretary


Rene Appel Coaches’ Representative


Olga Maslivets Women’s Representative


Zachary Plavsic Men’s Representative


Aaron Botzer- his proxy Yaniv Meir Honorary Life Member


Robert Lamb Chief Class Race Officer (Co-opted)

Delegates/Proxies Delegates/Proxies
ARG Martin Berardo


ITA Vincenzo Baglione


AUS Email vote


JPN Mikihiro Miyano


BLR Email vote/Mike Dempsey


LAT Andrus Poksi


BRA Teka Lenz


LTU Gintautas Bernotas


BUL Andrus Poksi


MEX Adrien Gailard


CAN Zachary Plavsic


NED Bruno Lício Marques


CZE Karel Lavicky


NZL Dave Robertson


ESP Ivan Pastor


POL Pawel Kowalski


EST Andrus Poksi


POR Jose Antonio Gouveia


FIN Curro Manchon


SIN Chua Tan Ching


FRA Stephane Jaouen


SVK Email vote/Ceri Williams


GBR Barrie Edgington


TPE Rene Appel


GER Email vote/Ceri Williams


TUR Email vote/Ceri Williams


HKG Rene Appel


UKR Olga Maslivets


HUN Pawel Kowalski


VEN Daniel Alejandro Flores


ISR Yaniv Meir


I. Apologies

Apologies for absence have been received from Nicolas Huguet (Vice President), Martin Aldridge (Treasurer), Bas Edmonds (Chief Measurer Co-opted), Aaron Botzer (Honorary Life Member) and Richard Jeffries (Honorary Life Member).

II. Minutes AGM 2012

There were no comments on the content and accuracy of the minutes. Barrie Edgington (GBR) requested that decisions made at any AGM should be upheld during the period until the next AGM. The President agreed that this was desirable and that the incoming Executive would ensure that this would be the case.

III. Reports

President, Mike Dempsey

2012 had proved to be a non-standard year with the following significant features:

·Significant prize money had been awarded at the 2012 World Championships in Cadiz.

·In May ISAF decided to reject the class as an Olympic Class for the 2016 Games. This decision was challenged by the class using a legal approach that ultimately used all cash reserves.

·Rory Ramsden resigned as Executive Secretary in October. The President formally recorded his thanks to Rory for all the tremendous work and support he had provided to the class during his period in that post.

·At the November ISAF conference the RS:X Class was reinstated as an Olympic Class.

·The Executive held a meeting in Paris in December when the IWA made an offer to help the class move forwards. This was rejected, however, as the Executive wanted to allow debate on a possible association at the next AGM so that all members could express their opinions. That debate had been had and will be finalised at this AGM.

·ISAF had unilaterally decided to limit entries to Sailing World Cup events in 2012/13.

Treasurer, given by Mike Dempsey

RS:X Ltd has minimal tangible funds. The company is still in place and active so that the class can honour its obligations to the local organisers of the 2013 World Championships.

There is now another account that had been set up in order to take membership subscriptions with the President and Bas Edmonds as signatories.

Continental Representatives

·Asia, Rene Appel – The ISAF Youth Worlds had been held in Taiwan; the Asian Championships had proved to be successful; other events were smaller than usual due to the issues over the Olympic status of the class.

·South America, Fernando Pasqualin – the successful SA Championships were held two weeks ago as part of the Brazilian Olympic Programme selections; there was little opportunity for import duty on RS:X equipment to be reduced before the 2016 Games.

·North America, Zachary Plavsic – there was a good sized Techno group now approaching the age when ready to progress to RS:X.

·Europe, Barrie Edgington – the European Sailing Cup is an interesting venture that has been set up but using radical formats that are likely to put off second tier sailors.

Manufacturer’s Representative, Manu Messiaen

See attached.

Youth Development

No report had been submitted.

Men’s Fleet Representative, Zachary Plavsic

The men’s fleet dislike the first-past-the-post format chosen for the Miami SWC event with the exception of the ¼ finals when the shorter races were preferred by all. There are still concerns over the inconsistency of the fins and the problems with battens. Zac is happy to continue in this post.

Women’s Fleet Representative, Olga Maslivets

The girls are unhappy about the quality of the equipment at the Olympics in 2012 and ask that consideration is given to the use of ‘own equipment’ in 2016. Formal thanks to Mike Dempsey for all his work over the previous years as President were offered.

Technical Committee Chairman, Ilker Bayindir

The members of this committee are Ilker Bayinder, Bas Edmonds, Robert Lamb, Andrus Poksi and the Class Secretary. A review is carried out after each major championships that also involves the coaches. The format for the Worlds in Buzios reverted to the traditional format after a poll of coaches and sailors. A new format(s) will be tested in 2013 with recommendations made to ISAF when complete. Ilker will propose that the committee should be expanded by one or two members. Thanks were offered to Mike Dempsey and Rory Ramsden and the new officers of the class were wished ‘good luck’.

Chief Measurer, Bas Edmonds

No formal report had been submitted. Bas is happy to continue in post.

Format Working Party, Robert Lamb

The format proposed and accepted by the class for testing at the last AGM was tested at the Miami SWC. This was very successful as a test as it demonstrated the strong disapproval by the sailors. After discussion with Chris Atkins (ISAF VP), Alastair Fox and Antonio de la Madrid, both of the ISAF secretariat, it is now clear that ISAF will not consider a first-past-the-post format. The preferred model is that proposed for Palma with a qualification day (overall position carries forward as one ‘race’) and two days of racing in Gold/silver (and bronze if necessary) with one discard and net points carried forward. The final day will be for the top ten competing in 1, 2 or 3 ‘medal’ races with weighting for each race to be determined. The newly formed Format Working Party (Robert Lamb, Rene Appel, Fernando Pasqualin, Aaron MacIntosh, Olga Maslivets and Zac Plavsic) will consider options and make a proposal for testing at future events.

IV. To Note Election of the President

Carlo Dalla Vedova was to be President elected by acclamation. Carlo was looking forward to working as President after the difficult recent times.

V. To Note Election of the Vice President

Andrus Poksi was to be Vice President elected by acclamation. Andrus highlighted the need for more feedback from Class members.

VI. Honorary Life Member Proposal

Alessandra Sensini was proposed as Honorary life Member by ITA and supported by 25 members. The vote to carry the proposal was unanimous. Alessandra is looking forward to supporting the RS:X Class and female windsurfers.

VII. IWA Membership

Submissions 6, 7 and 8 covered this proposal. Pawel Kowalski (POL) made a friendly amendment to his submission to specify on which conditions RS:X Class should join the IWA. This would also bring the submission inline with the latest version v11 of the proposed agreement between the RS:X Class and the IWA. The friendly amendment reads as follows:

The RS:X class wishes to join the IWA on the following conditions:

1. The RS:X class appoints the RS:X class secretary who will be responsible for the management of the RS:X events under the direction of the RS:X Executive committee.

2. The RS:X class will have sole responsibility for dialogue with ISAF in respect of Olympic class matters

3. The IWA will manage the financial affairs of the RS:X class, taking instructions from the RS:X class officers. All such monies related to the RS:X class shall be ring fenced for sole use of the RS:X class.

This same friendly amendment was also adopted by Andrus Poksi (EST) and Vincenzo Baglione (ITA). The friendly amendment was accepted by the meeting unanimously. The three amended submissions 6, 7 and 8 were then voted upon collectively and acceptance of the submissions amended by the friendly amendment was unanimous by present voters (4 against by email votes, having specified different conditions). The RS:X Class therefore voted to join with the IWA subject to the conditions within the friendly amendment above.

VIII. Format

The report of the Format Working Party was reiterated.

IX. Equipment

This item was deferred until the next AGM

X. Media, Sponsor, VIP Hospitality Strategy

A working party to examine this would be formed with Manu Messiaen as chairman. He will appoint other members. Pawel Kowalski offered to join and this was accepted.

XI. Event Selection

It was agreed that events should be secured as far ahead as possible with proposals brought to the AGM if possible, otherwise the Executive Committee should decide.

Pawel Kowalski made a presentation on a proposal to take the 2015 Worlds to Sopot in Poland. A decision on this was deferred until the 2013 RS:X European Championships in July in order that the Exec can consider and make appropriate recommendations at a Special Meeting of the Class to be held then. This approach was unanimously agreed.

XII. To Receive Submissions

1. To allow and restrict the use of Mk 3 Fins (Mike Dempsey, President).

This submission was withdrawn due to timescale constraints. However the subject will be raised again at Europeans in Brest.

2. To extend restrictions on rules to include the Eurosaf Champions Sailing Cup (Mike Dempsey, President).

To ensure that the rules for all major competitions where RS:X equipment is used remain consistent to ensure fair competition. Also to allow certain events to remove equipment limitations to allow a wider pool of available equipment to be considered, primarily at youth level events.

Proposed by Rene Appel (HKG), seconded by Bruno Marques (NED); 3 abstentions, 1 against, remainder in favour - submission carried.

3. To clarify the use and application of Division C (Mike Dempsey, President).

It is unclear within the existing rules on Divisions when Division C becomes applicable. The proposal looks to ensure that only if prescribed within the NOR and SI’s that Division C and its rules/equipment limitations are invoked.

Proposed by Barrie Edgington (GBR), seconded by Rene Appel (HKG); 3 abstentions, 0 against, remainder in favour – submission carried.

4. To create a working party to review and update the RS:X Class constitution (Mike Dempsey, President).

After comments made by Bruno Marques (NED) this submission was withdrawn. However it was agreed that Working Party will be formed to examine the Constitution and make recommendations as appropriate.

5. A 2nd submission of a different nature to create a working party to review and update the RS:X Class constitution (Mike Dempsey, President).

After comments made by Bruno Marques (NED) this submission was also withdrawn.

6,7,8 Submissions proposing that the RS:X Class join the IWA as per item vii above.

9. To propose new format for racing for the 2013 RS:X European Championship in Brest (Federation Francaise de Voile).

The submission was amended by a friendly amendment altering the submission to say that any format thought suitable by the Format Working Party would be used at the European Championships in 2013.

Proposed by Barrie Edgington (GBR), seconded by Bruno Marques (NED); voting was unanimous in favour by present voters (1 against by email vote; 1 abstention by email vote).

XIII. Any Other Business

Barrie Edgington congratulated the President on the shortest AGM ever.

There was no other business.

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