2015 RS:X Class AGM – Final Agenda, Submissions, Bids And Other Documents

The 2015 International RS:X Class Association’s AGM will be staged in Mussanah Resort Hotel, Al Mussanah, Oman on Saturday, October 17th @ 16:00, during the 2015 RS:X World Windsurfing Championships.

The deadline for submissions to be discussed at the AGM ends on 17th September 2015.
Herewith you can find the submissions and event bids received (still time to send a bid) and other documents which will help you to prepare for the AGM.

1. Welcome by the President of the RS:X Class
2. Approval of the Minutes of the last meeting
3. Reports
a. President
b. Treasurer
c. Manufacturer’s Representative
d. Sailor’s Representative
e. Coaches’ Representative
f. Technical Committee Chairman
g. Class Chief Measurer
4. The Class Accounts
5. The Class Budget 2016
6. Election of the RS:X Class Honorary Life Members
The Executive Committee is proposing Mr. Neil Pryde’s nomination
7. Submissions
8. RS:X Championships Selection for 2017
9. Any Other Business

Download the 2014 Annual Financial Report of the International RS:X Class Association


2017 RS:X World Championships  2017 RS:X Youth World Championships
Sopot, POL June-September Herzliya, ISR October-November
Torbole, ITA June-July Torbole, ITA June-July
Cesme, TUR January-February
Loctudy, FRA June-August
Enoshima, JPN  Any time
Clearwater, USA February or November
2017 RS:X European Championships  2017 RS:X Youth European Championships 
Marseille, FRA April-October Marseille, FRA April-October
Sopot, POL June-September Sopot, POL  June-September


# Title About Download
1 The Shorter RS:X Championships Format To shorten the RS:X regattas by deleting the Reserve Day on the middle of the event Sub15-01
2  The RS:X Youth Championships Format The new and more media friendly format by using the Silver and Gold Finals at the end without collection of points – the winner takes it all! Sub15-02
3 The RS:X Championships Entry Fees To revise the RS:X Class Championships Entry Fees Sub15-03
4 The New Class Rule – C.4.2 – Recording and Tracking Devices The new CR to allow carrying a recording and tracking device. Sub15-04
5 Class Rule Change – C.7.1(d) – Adding the Event for A and B Divisions Equipment limitations between the Senior and Youth events. Adding an event. Sub15-05
6 The New Class Rule – C.8.1(c) – Mast Serial Numbers To allow to use the top and bottom section of mast with different serial numbers. Sub15-06
7 Class Rule Change – C.8.2(g) – Outhaul To remove the conflict between CR C.8.2(k) and C.8.2(g). Sub15-07
8 Class Rule Change – C.9.2(c) – Flag on Sail The National flag required on the sails also for ISAF Sailing World Cup events. Sub15-08
9 Class Rule Change – Section E Preamble To add introduction to the CR Sectiion E by clarifying the length of the fin. Sub15-09
10 Class Rule Change – Section G Preamble To add introduction to the CR Sectiion G by clarifying the sail size. Sub15-10 


Voting will be by show of hands/cards of each Full Active Member’s nominated delegates or their nominated proxies. Only Full Active Members in ‘good standing’ (2015 Class Annual Membership Fee has been paid) will be eligible to vote.

International RS:X Class Full Active Members shall confirm their appointed delegate or nominated proxy by email sent to  by 1200hrs (Local time, Oman) on 17th October 2015.
The following forms may be used:
Delegate Registration Form
Proxy Nomination Form

Those not appointed as a national delegate may attend as an observer but will not be able to speak unless invited to do so by the chairman.

Delegates are urged to take time to read the agenda and the attached submissions in advance and come prepared.
Here is the link to the 2014 AGM Minutes.
Here is the link to the 2014 EGM Minutes.

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