RS:X Class Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the 2007 RS:X Class Annual General Meeting held at the Cultural Centre, Cascais, Portugal on July 9th from 1400hrs > 1830hrs.


Executive Committee
Rich Jeffries President & ISAF Representative 1
Piotr Hlavaty Senior Vice President 1
Aaron Botzer Vice President 1
David Mead Neil Pryde Representative 1
Rene Appel Coach’s delegate 1
Olga Maslivets Women’s Fleet Delegate 1
Nicolas Huguet Men’s Fleet Delegate 1
Rory Ramsden Class Secretary 1
Martin Aldridge Treasurer
National Class Associations
AUS B. Todd 1 HUN L. Utassy 1
BRA C. Santos 1 IND A. Tripathi 1
CAN Z. Plavsic 1 ISR
Y. Mayan 1
1 ITA Franco Pagliarani 1
DEN M. Lovstad 1 NED J. Brenninkmeijer 1
EGY A. Abahrouz 1 NZL JP Tobin 1
ESP K. Lythgoe 1 POL
T. Chamera 1
P. Chaullet 1 POR 1
GBR B. Edgington 1 THA
D. Bakker 1 UKR
M. Obermeko 1
GRE N. Kaklamanakis 1 USA B. Barger 1
HKG R. Appel 1
Observer National Class Representatives
MAR M. Elsafty
SVK P. Pollak

1.    Minutes of the last meeting
1.01 The minutes of the 2006 Annual General Meeting were approved after agreement by show of hands that the vote to elect continental representatives to the executive committee (item XII) be struck from the record.

2.     Reports
a) President’s Report
Rich Jeffries reported that considerable effort was being expended in the effort to ensure proper controls are put in place in the factory to ensure one design equipment; clarify the class rules and promote the class through its website which is now the most highly ranked of any of the Olympic Classes.  He confirmed that the ISAF viewed the progress the class is making in its development in a positive way.

b) Continental Representatives
There being insufficient time to hear reports from each continent this item was deferred to the 2008 Annual General Meeting in Auckland.

c) Manufacturers Representative’s Report
David Mead confirmed that the number of warranty claims now being received is trailing off as build quality improves and that Neil Pryde and Cobra are receiving continuing input almost daily from the class. This is allowing them to forge a deeper understanding of the issues that we all face as well as serving to focus and direct their attention.

Up to now Cobra have built RS:X hulls using their standard construction method but to tighter tolerances to those normally achieved in making for other brands. However, subsequent to a visit earlier in the year by ISAF/RS:X a new construction method has been pursued that allows the deck and the underside layers being put into the mould together before being pressed, heated and cured in ‘one shot’ before being taken out. This holds the board to the designed shape as it hardens and tightens tolerances considerably.

10 pre-production boards have been produced using this method which will be digitally scanned and compared to existing production boards.

Masts are made in the factory as two separate pieces (not made as one piece and then cut) before being matched and bent to select whole masts that comply with the construction manual bend tolerances. The Class has asked that they also comply with a mutually agreed min/max weight tolerance also.

Neil Pryde recognize that they have to tighten tolerances on the fin and the centerboard by introducing plan and sectional templates to control shape, a min/max weight tolerance and a deflection test.

Version One sails have not been built since August 2006 and  have been withdrawn from the market. David Mead agreed to check that no distributors/importers are still holding any V1/V2 sails and that there will be sufficient V3 sails available for the 2008 Worlds.

David Mead announced that Neil Pryde have established an on-line store to sell spare parts using credit card payment with delivery being made by courier which will provide fast turnaround of stock items from mid-July 2007. An opening stock position is available. Future stock positions will be tailored according to demand.

d) Treasurer’s Report
Rory Ramsden delivered the treasurer’s report on behalf of Martin Aldridge and confirmed that the class had established a limited company with no shareholders in the UK. This had enabled the class to open Sterling and Euro bank accounts as well as set up the on-line payment facility.

The Class has received income from the European Championship, Youth World Championship and National Class Association subscriptions as well as £5000 only from ISAF/Neil Pryde. (see statement as of June 30th attached)

The cash flow forecast going forward into 2008 will allow the class to survive without going into deficit until the end of 2008 provided that costs are tightly controlled. However, it is essential that the class meets with ISAF to find out when contributions derived from the agreement with Neil Pryde will be paid and whether there are any outstanding.

3.    Submissions

# Detail Action
1 To employ a Full time Class Secretary Deferred to 08 AGM
2 Olympic Games Supplied Equipment Deferred to 08 AGM
3 Footstraps Accepted
Delete existing Class Rule C.6.1(b) and replace with…
A maximum of 9 and a minimum of 5 foot straps made by Neil Pryde being either the Original version  (model # GNPRSXFS) or the New design (model # GNPRSXFSL)  shall be fitted to the existing inserts using any stainless steel screw and the original rectangular washer. Foot straps shall be fitted with at least one screw and washer at each end
4-5 The meeting agreed to establish a working party chaired by Rene Appel to define the necessary class rule changes to ensure that they have no further grey areas which shall be put to the membership in an e-mail vote for approval at the earliest opportunity
6-9 Submissions 6, 7, 8 & 9 were deferred to the 2008 RS:X Annual General Meeting.
The meeting agreed to establish a working party chaired by Kamen Fillyov to evaluate the policies enshrined in the current Standard Championship Sailing Instructions as well as  submissions 6,7,8 & 9 and make a report to the Executive Committee before the necessary submissions can be prepared for discussion by the 2008 Annual General Meeting in New Zealand.
10 The meeting agreed to defer these submissions to be discussed by the National Class Associations attending the Youth World Championships in Sopot so that the opinions of those involved in the development of RS:X youth racing can be heard. Piotr Hlavaty shall make a report on this meeting to the 2008 RS:X AGM in New Zealand
11 2008 RS:X European Championship
The meeting agreed to accept the bid from the FFV to stage the event in Brest, France between the Semaine Olympique Francaise and the Holland Regatta
13 2008 RS:X Youth European Championship
This submission was withdrawn by DEN as it was dependent on winning the bid to stage the 2009 RS:X World Championship
The meeting empowered the ExCom to finalise a venue for the 2008 RS:X Youth European Championship
14 2008 RS:X Youth World Championship
The meeting agreed to accept the bid from Pattaya, Thailand
15 2009 RS:X European Championship
The meeting agreed to accept the bid from Tel Aviv, Israel
16 2009 RS:X World Championship
The meeting agreed to accept the bid from Weymouth, England
18 2010 RS:X World Championship or European Championship
deferred to the 2008 RS:X AGM in New Zealand

4.    Any Other Business
4.1 Coaches Meeting
Rene Appel reported on the coaches’ meeting held before the opening of the 07 Worlds and confirmed that there was concern over equipment tolerances and class rules which must be clarified so that tough measurement can take place. In addition, there was some concern expressed about the potential cost of the ‘flags on sails’ initiative.

4.2    Gold Standard
Barry Edgington expressed a wish to see a ‘Gold Standard’ introduced to control the tolerances on existing equipment.

4.3    Sails
The meeting agreed to restrict the use of sails at the 2008 World Championship to Version 3 sails only.

The International RSX Class Association
Financial Summary as at 30th June 2007
Subscriptions and race fees 18727
Committee costs and expenses:
R Ramsden 3750
R Jefferies 8769
B Barger 1723
Cyprus Europeans 2333
Bank Charges 109
Company Formation 323
Surplus income over expenditure 1720
Represented By
Funds in Bank 6153
Less Monies owed:
R Jefferies 4000
Europeans 2333
Add Monies Prepaid 1900
Surplus Funds 1720


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