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November 17th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Pattaya City

We woke this morning to a dead flat sea, good for water skiing but not for sailing. By 12.30 the wind was building again. the fastest speeds of the event so far were reached during today’s first race, when we had up to 15 knots and flat water. Another 3 races were held today for a total of 7 races so far, the racers can drop their worst result to improve overall score.

Tomorrow one more race will be held and the top 10 Men will join the line up one final time in the Medal Race. Out of the last seven races, 6 different sailors have taken first in the Men’s class. Current leader Ho Chi Ho from Hong Kong is the only one to take 1st position twice. The score for the top 3 men were very close. It was 2 points difference between the winner. It sound like who win the medal will have a better chance to be the Champion. In the Women’s class only one point separates 3 contenders, while CHN747 and HKG8 remained tied in second place. Plenty of action to come in the Gulf Tomorrow.

November 16th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Pattaya City

Seventy Three Champions woke this morning to find perfect side-shore conditions 11-13 knots. Blue skies and blue water as warm as a jakuzi. The coast of Jomtien seamed to be scattered with diamonds as the sun danced on the sails of the fleet. The competition is very close, this is the 3rd day of the event, JPN, POL, HKG, THA and CHN all have a shot at the title in the Mens. The Women’s and youth both have 3 countries in the top 5 places. We are expecting stronger wind tomorrow and another 11.00am start.

The atmosphere is charged, yet the mood is very friendly, more like one big team than 10 different countries. Stay tuned as this Wind builds, the boards fly and the battle continues in the Gulf of Thailand.

November 15th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Pattaya City
The RSX Fleet was grounded today. No wind but plenty of rain. For the schedule of race for 16 November, racing will be start at the earlier time of 11.00 so that we can try for a grueling 3 races each day.

For now our Athletes have an afternoon free to enjoy the markets, the friendly people, great food and other diversions of Pattaya City. It is late in the afternoon now the rain has cleared and the flags are stirring once more. As the Sun leaves the lazy Beaches, the Neon lit Streets of Pattaya start to Pulse the party rhythm this City is famous for. Can our brave athletes resist the temptation of the dance floor in this city of exotic delights? For surely every ounce of strength will be needed on the water in the days to come.

November 14th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Patttaya City
Hearts were racing to the staccato beat of 25 RSX sails thundering towards the start line. Joined minutes later by ladies, youth and MOD riders. Sixty Three sails graced the blue waters 1.5 km off Jomtien Beach today.

Wind favoured the MOD sailors at 5-6knots, in these conditions every gust counts for the RSX. The best riders know when to save strength, trying to cruise the most efficient course and then to go all out, pumping the sail like a giant gold and silver bellows on the right gust of wind to get their craft skimming across the water. In planing mode the RSX is faster than the MOD, but in these light winds the riders must work hard for that advantage.

Only one race was held today before dark clouds closed in, the rain came and the wind fled. RSX Women 1st JPN9 Kosuge Yasuko 2nd THA4 Tansai Napalai 3rd CHN747 Yue Huang 4th CHN404 Wang Ping Xu
RSX Youth 1st THA91 Saipiyap Naithaphong 2nd HKG2 Leung Ho Tsun 3rd HKG5 Chan Hei Man 4th HKG20 Pak San Heung
RSX Men 1st HKG12 Chan King Yin 2nd CHN410 Shi Fu Wu 3rd HKG18 Cheng Kwok Fai 4th THA30 Boonsawad Ek

November 13th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Patttaya City
It was a beautiful day here in Pattaya City. No sign of the predicted rain. Today’s wind was a steady 5 knots with shifting direction, we can expect the same tomorrow, but improving for Thursday. Friday the direction may settle to side-shore with planing conditions building over the last three days of racing.

Today’s Practice Race planned for 1.00pm, was delayed until 1.50 due to
shifting wind direction. 25 min after starting the race, the wind swing was too much and the race was called off.

There were around 40 RSX competitors and another 20 Mistral Class racers on the water today. Already we can see their eagerness to push their limits, to reveal their strength and cleverness after long days for practicing for this important event.

Tonight’s opening ceremony on the famous Jomtien Beach Kicks of 5 days of fierce competition. Tonight our athletes can relax and mingle, but tomorrow they face each other across the water as the leaders emerge.

November 12th 2007 RSX Asian Championships Pattaya City
25°C, today in Pattaya, plenty of people on the beach and in the city as thousands of  European Tourists fly East for the Winter.
Sailors from 10 countries have come to Pattaya City Thailand for 5 days of RSX and MOD racing.
The Gold, and Red Sails are rolled out and the war paint applied as boards and other equipment is measured and weighed. Sailors anxiously make final preparations like soldiers sharpening weapons for the coming battle at sea.
The past week has seen the best wind around 2.00pm. However as of yesterday the wind has been decreasing. Today the wind is very light, cross off-shore and gusty.  Tomorrows practice race is likely to be an exhausting day of pumping for our athletes.  
Rain kicked in at around 4.00pm today, along with some Off-shore wind to get the boards planing again. Weather looking similar again tomorrow but improving Wednesday with more wind forecast for Thursday.

Looking for accomodation at the Championships? Please look here at the Notice of Race for more information on the discount hotel booking available at the Silver Sands Hotel and the Surf Beach Hotel Room.
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lTransfer and equipment transportation arrangements can be made upon request. In case of passenger per group below 4 person ,The transportation charge will be 2000 Baht per person, If the group member between 4-6 persons the transportation fee will be 1500 Baht,  But if the group member more than 6 person ,please direct inform to Windsurfing Association of Thailand ‘s e-mail

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Congratuations to Pattaya City, Thailand for winning the bid to host the 2007 RS:X Asian Championships. The RSX class is confident the event will be a world class Championships.