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2008 RS:X Youth Worlds & Asian Champs: Pattaya, Thailand

Those of you of a nervous disposition may be wondering whether news of recent protests in Bangkok make it safe to travel to Thailand for the RS:X Youth World Championships and the RS:X Asian Championships. To put your minds at rest, we have been in touch with the Eastern Windsurfing Club to get their best advice and this is what they said:

“What has been going on in Thailand concerns a few thousand people with different opinions. We would like to confirm that this has little to do with the daily lives of the other 70m Thais. Tourists will not notice any difference to the normal friendly atmosphere they encountered on their last trip to Thailand. We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful country.”

So there you have it!

To guarrantee special room rates at the Cholchan Pattaya Resort for the 2008 RS:X Youth World Championships (December 6th - 14th)  please book through EWC by September 30th 2008.

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