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Who said the Mediterranean is unpredictable?… SOF - Day 3

Since last week-end, the weather experts had predicted a strong Mistral for this Tuesday. This afternoon, the increasing white caps on the bay have proved them right! Despite the alarming forecast, the racing committee tried its best to give a chance to the classes sailing in groups (RS:X men and Women, 470 men, Laser and Radial) to add a 5th race and a discard to their score before the start of the final’s.

“We reduced the racing areas to two and brought them closer to shore to increase the security” explains Event Director Bernard Bonneau. Soon after the start of the 470 men 5th race, the Mistral increased cancelling further racing for the day.

“The wind was blowing at 25/28 knots average with gusts reaching 35. We knew that it was supposed to increase by 5 knots by early afternoon.” indicated Bernard Bonneau. The fleets will be divided in Gold, Silver…groups on Wednesday and two to three races are planned to be sailed if the weather allows.

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