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Farrah Hall wins 2nd USOC Appeal

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Back in 2007 during the US Olympic Trials, a request for redress was made by Farrah Hall which was denied by the International Jury. No re-opening proved possible. A complaint was made to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) by Farrah's legal team.

This was dismissed when the arbitrator granted US SAILING’s motion to dismiss on the basis that the protest hearings complied with all due process requirements and that the protest committee’s decision was a “field of play” decision not subject to review

A second complaint was lodged with the USOC. A hearing panel appointed by them issued a decision last Friday that states the provisions of the International Sailing Federation’s (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing governing the conduct of protests and requests for redress do not comply with the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and USOC Bylaws. Based on an initial reading of this decision, US SAILING, the national governing body of the sport, believes the panel’s directives, if implemented, will fundamentally change how the sport of sailboat racing is conducted in the United States.

In its decision, the USOC panel adopted arguments presented by Farrah's attorneys. The consequence of which would mean that

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