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RS:X Evolution: The Best Windsurfers Get The Best Equipment

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The best windsurf athletes in the world deserve the best
equipmentrio_rsxfor the pinnacle of all competitions:

The Olympic Games.

Our world is evolving
Our sport is evolving
Our athletes are evolving

We have to evolve and stay on the face of the wave

NeilPryde, the official Olympic Windsurfing supplier for the 2012 London games, multiple windsurfing world champion and the fastest windsurfing brand on the planet are proud to introduce our RS:X Evolution concept.

After a successful Games campaign in Quingdao, China and five years of relentless and non-stop world-wide service, it is time for the RS:X to evolve for the 2016 Olympics.

The improvements, achieved by using the latest technologies and overbuild reduction, will turn RS:X into the most attractive sailing class bar none. It will continue to help the growth of Olympic Windsurfing.

The RS:X Evolution program will feature a lighter board which will perform as fast as the Formula or large Slalom boards and will remain the cheapest sailing craft with the most consistent performance within the Olympic sailing scene.

Also a new updated more powerful rig, with a bigger wind range and featuring an extremely colorful fresh new look.

The RS:X Evolution concept will be showcased at the  RS:X Evolution Grand Prix to held in major World cities this year ... Singapore, Hong Kong, New York etc.

Where the top 10 RS:X Athletes will be selected to race a new course format that is more dynamic and attractive.

The first stop will merge with the RS:One World Tour in Singapore on January 17th.

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