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RS:X Format: Guiding Principles and Perameters

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To go back to basics. These are the principles that should guide us
when creating an evolution rsxembossedof the current RS:X windsurf racing format
for use in the next quadrennial.


  1. The racing should be fare and safe so fleets should be split into balanced groups of equal size and quality when necessary
  2. Athletes should be involved from the beginning of the regattas until the end no matter what their overall standing
  3. The best all round athlete on the day result should be the winner


  1. The IOC have challenged ISAF to make sailing as spectator friendly as possible
  2. The ISAF Olympic Commission report stated that we should play to our strengths as much as possible and therefore demonstrate the diversity of sailing
  3. In addition, classes should not necessarily have to race the same format
  4. Rio 2016 is planning to build grandstand seating for paying spectators for the sailing events.

So whilst there seems to be little discussion about the inclusion of a long distance race on day 1 followed by a series of 2 or 3 races on day 2 with a target time of 45 minutes. There are a few who do not see that a knock out system of scoring short course racing close to the shore  for the top 50% is the right way to go - note that the silver fleet will continue to race on an outside course with target times of 30 minutes.

The proposed change to short course racing would therefore effect the top sailors most. It is surprising therefore that they are the ones with the least to say on the issue.

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