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Kim Lythgoe [ESP] has drowned in a tragic accident

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Kim Lythgoe [ESP] has drowned in a tragic accident

whilst taking a well earned holiday in the Maldives.

The first thing I remember about Kim is his wonderful smile.  It just quietly sat there lighting up his face and our lives with his quiet confidence. He never seemed to be in a hurry. He just went about his business without getting excited. A measure of his ability was to keep the top two Olympic Windsurfing women's athletes in the same team whilst maintaining harmony and team spirit. It takes someone very special to achieve that and keep them focused and at the top of their game all season.

To have two such rivals as Marina Alabau [ESP] and Blanca Manchon [ESP] trading punches on the water in high pressure RS:X Olympic Class Windsurfing Championships is one thing but to have them in the same team happily working together, training together, travelling together and friends together takes a very special person as coach. Kim was that person.

It would not be unreasonable to think that the intense rivalry between two top sailors fighting for supremacy on the water might just spill over into their personal relationship on land. It is a measure of the respect that Marina and Blanca had for him as a person not just as their coach that this did not happen.  Kim quietly explained his thoughts and opinions. No drama. Just measured and well spoken. Honest and clear. They will miss him desperately as we all will.

For Kim's familly, for all his friends, for Marina, for Blanca, for the Spanish Windsurfing Dream Team, for Royal Spanish Sailing Federation, for the world of windsurfing, for the world in general a bright and constant light has been snuffed out in a tragic diving accident in the Maldives. Sadly this is not the first time that the world of windsurfing has had one of its loved ones snatched away in a drowning accident and it will probably not be the last.

However, It reminds us again. Live for to today for tomorrow we may not be here. Do not let petty rivalries separate us. Windsurfing has lost a great servant and supporter. Honour Kim's memory by putting your personal ambitions aside, be friends for the greater good of everyone involved.

Rest in Peace Kim. You will be in our hearts and memories for all time.

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